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Bing Mocks Google in April fool jokes

Bing seems to be cashing on April fool jokes big time. The search engine has prepared big time to come up with some cool ideas to mock Google. The mocking list continues with Wolfram Alpha. Bing has just taken some serious gags through its blog. The primary search blog of Bing host and mysterious blog posts which gives information on the basics of this search engine. This feature lets the users to experience the homepage of Bing without the cool design features and clickable options. The post notifies that the search engine is undergoing a test and users might experience an outdates page. This homepage also resembled Google with a messages clearly taking Google around the corner.

Bold Retaliation

It has been a long told story that Google has always mocked other search engines when it comes to quality of content. The company is at receiving end this time. The blog also posted a message which indicated that during the evolution of internet, the world was surrounded by plain and mediocre search engines like Google. Bing stated to its users that how the world of internet would look like if Bing wouldn’t have come into existence. The homepage of Bing also switched to Google homage mocking it big time. I am feeling lucky button was also mocked with a tag of I am confused button. When the user clicks on that tag, it redirects to the blog post of Bing. Similar pages with search queries viz white paper and watching the paint dry are also added on the blog post top mock Google.

The SEO gag by Bing

The other joke from Bing seems to targeted towards the community of SEO. The company stated that any crap website would improve its ranking on the Google search engine by writing some low quality codes. The joke also stated that the webmasters must take the control of primary SEO activities and also decide the ranking of the website. It also published a fake code to humor the audience. In the second code line, users can see the code which is written to illustrate how to rank your website above the competitor. Bing has stated that it does not intend to hide or lock down the private data of any website. After receiving positive feedbacks from a number of users, the company decided to mock the Google SEO techniques. It even took a hard hit at the ranking of websites on Google search results. Bing has also stated that Google does not provide the keywords. The keywords and referrals were only being shared with the Adwords advertisers. Google has not yet made any retaliation to the mocking done by Bing but we can soon expect some fireworks from the side of Google. Bing is seen as the biggest competitor of Google in the recent years though the market share of this search engine continues to be low as compared to Google. You can keep an eye on more mocks from Bing featuring Google.