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New SEO Tags By Bing: Proffering A Way To Improve Ranking

Finally, Bing has opened up ways to recompense you and grab the attention of SEOs. Since now, “New Bing SEO tags” has evolved as a significant way to let Bing know where exactly the page of users must be ranked. Good thing is that this process is very simple and easy to gain entry. These latest SEO tags trims down middleman and help you insert quite a few tags into page code to help users direct Bing where to put on result pages. In general, you can make the moist of two latest tags including “must be before” and “set to position”.

<link rel=”SEO” query=”weather” set_to_position=”2″ />
<link rel=”SEO” must_be_before=”**” />

With the use of these tags, you can rank you page instantly before the page of your competitors. In addition to this, some of the SEOs battered this system to mistreat the outcome. For many years, engines and SEOs with “Black Collar” have gained “Behind the scenes” encounter to locate their content on search engines. However, it is quite easy for search engine to prevail this combat in long runs despite the fact that they are owner of page.

Over years, we have the potency to deal with spamming dilemmas at various levels. In most of the cases, some websites now undertake best practices to perform in a better way. In general, owners are engaged in their business such that they hardly get time to rank their page to top and adopt every possible attempt to do so.
To ascertain conformity with request, it is not confirm that one must consider inserting “must_be_before” tag more than once. However, you can easily contact the host and organize for server that hosts your website to put it into low-earth trajectory for next 365 days.

SEO Tags Opening Up More Ways To Rank Your Site Better

“Search Engine Optimization” was the first to grow out as a doable marketing tactics to help SEOs decipher algorithms that search engines use to place content higher in rankings. With the invasion of number of cases, SEOs adopted this to ensure that good content is ranked well and business producing good content succeeded in diverting traffic. Now, this is the time to reward your trust as well as hard work. Today, Bing has now announced formation and support of SEO Tag. Leading purpose behind the creation of this tag is categorized in twofold:

  • First, Bing has come up with several new tools in past few years that are designed to assist website owners improve SEO Reports, Disavow Links, Link Explorer, Webmaster Tools and Plugin for Bing sitemap. Good thing is that site owners received positive feedback created with an intention to equal with websites rather than keeping it in dark.
  • Secondly, you can run business and not the SEOs. This can be the right time to take over not only SEO work but also your ranking.

To this extent, you can implement SEO tags to grab the opportunity to let Bing know where you want to rank site. You can place tag inside page code to fill the blanks signifying which position you page deserves.

Some handy tips to enhance the working of your WordPress

With advancement of technology, online business is growing at a rapid pace. It is important and essential to know and understand about online marketing so that you can go forward with a proper plan for taking benefit out of internet marketing or online business. Information along with knowledge about online marketing helps in making correct decision regarding investments, which you can attain easily with WordPress tips. Many people jump into the Internet business world without thoroughly thinking through a plan to make it work and grow. On the contrary, it is just as important to lay out a complete business plan for an online business as it is in the real world. It seems like a common misconception is that it does not take as much time and energy to make this type of business work and an Internet business plan is last thing on some people’s mind.

Importance of having some handy WordPress Tips to enhance the online presence

However, you will find that if you are dedicated and take use of the WordPress tips it can change your life. An internet business is not for everyone. Make your Internet investment count. It takes time, dedication, and a willingness to learn new strategies as you go. Take the time to create an Internet business plan or WordPress tips and see what steps you must follow in order to succeed. However, you will have to change your business plan to meet the needs of the consumer. It is the most important thing, which you have to do if you are interested in making your business count. There are many templates available online for creating such a plan. You will have to consider many different things, such as financing, advertising, and the process for growth.

Mark your presence online with techniques of marketing and WordPress tips

How you approach the business end of the internet will determine if you are successful. By creating a comprehensive plan for your online business, you will know exactly what steps you need to take to be successful. Below mentioned are some techniques, which you can take into use for enhancing your internet business.

PPC: Pay per click services has become a boon for the internet or online companies. With use of PPC or pay per click, companies offering their products and services online can take it as a technique or method for promotion and link building with the customers.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization has become one of the finest methods to enhance online business. Internet marketers are taking use of SEO services so that they are able to enhance their working base by attracting more and more customers and clients with ease. Link building is the ultimate and final result of SEO services. As SEO experts are having the capability to link the online sites where you are offering your products to various WordPress and social networking web portals, internet marketing can be enhanced with ease.
PR Services: To have a enhanced reputation in online world, PR services can come in handy. PR services can augment the face value of the products offered online which in turn will yield higher profits for the online marketer.

The Blooming App Store Optimization. What is it?

Optimization refers to measures used for optimizing – or designing from scratch. Mobile optimization is essentially a means of improving upon the reputation of a website and making it popular. For companies looking forward to augment their grounds App store optimization is a boon. Apps which were once considered only as a tool to check online mails and playing games are increasingly being used to promote websites. No doubt, Apps are increasingly becoming the new search engine optimization (SEO).

Relevance of App Store Optimization (ASO)

The cyber world of today promotes everything and is the spine of all trades. Every now and then people are searching new and innovative means of promotions. Mobile is another similar means of online promotion. Everyone knows about the lightening rate at which App store of Apple are getting downloaded by people. Apps meant for mobiles and websites are simple to create and flexible in terms of customization. Creating an App is not sufficient for as making it easily accessible to the users is equally essential. Optimization of App store is SEO for mobile world. It involves techniques to let your app top the app search chart. In addition it requires figuring out ways to follow, manage and respond to various updates in store search protocols.

As a person creates an App the process of its optimization begins .Statistics depict that the number of mobile phone apps is so overwhelming that chances of your App to succeed without optimization are very less.

Tips for App Optimization

How do people get to search for what they need on the internet? Metadata, keywords, descriptions and head titles are a few such things. These are thus tools for a website to promote itself on a search engine. The fundamentals for App store optimization are same as those for optimization of a website on a search engine. There are certain schemes which can be effectively employed for this purpose. Some of them deal with personal approach and some are tools.

You need to make sure that proper attention is paid to people visiting your desktop as well as to mobile visitors. Google Analytics is one such tool meant for this purpose. Keywords used must be popular keywords most appropriate for your App. This must be done through proper analysis. Marketing and advertising your App on other websites is a decent solution. You can also promote it on social websites. There is a tool used for estimating keyword volumes which shows how often a phrase or a word is hunted for in an App store and also lets you ascertain your relevant rank. This can be used to look for the best keywords for your App. is a tool to know the keywords that other Apps at par with yours are using and assists you in looking for other best keywords. You can track the usage stats of those who have downloaded your App using Flurry which is a, a tool for mobile analytics. From time to time, you can change your strategies after looking on these stats.

SEO measures that can be taken into use by the application stores and application websites

Mobile applications have been into existence since ages and it has developed its worth and value over the years. Making mobile applications is divided into different parts as it depends on the use of the application. However, once an application is ready and available for download, it is essential to take use of the right tools so that users are aware of the fact that some new application has been designed, which can prove to be beneficial in all ways. Experts from the industry have stated that, by taking use of SEO techniques for promoting mobile applications, success can be attained, as users for whom the application has been developed can find and use them in a hassle free manner.

Using the traditional methods

People can discover and find applications within two means: searches from the app stores and even searches on yahoo and Google. Optimizing portable applications being more effortlessly discovered by means of users is not that distinctive from optimizing a website for in which same intent.

The couple of SEO elements to focus on for phone applications and the applications stores are articles and back links.
SEO regarding websites generally includes three things

  • Getting your site indexed or marked
  • Optimizing the information
  • Building authority through back links and social media marketing endorsements

The SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION difference regarding mobile applications is the page where the applications lives will be what needs to be optimized, definitely not the applications itself. Yahoo and Google do not get inside phone applications to master what it really is or exactly why people need to download the idea.

The content for the page about the mobile applications needs to provide the actual context to provide relevant cues regarding what the actual applications are. The applications usually have two web pages to optimize, the applications store page and a marketing page for the business’s internet site.

Optimization of the mobile application store

If you are interested in optimizing the mobile application store, then the most essential element, which you can put in, is the content or description of the mobile application, which has been launched in the apps market. This way, users who are continuously looking for new mobile applications can look through the new apps and use them accordingly.
In addition to this, while submitting the application; make sure that you are putting it in the right category for a better viewing of the application. It might happen that the application, which you have developed, is best suited for various categories, but make sure to select the best one for submission as you can attain better results for the same.

Always try to provide some essential back links for the mobile application, which you have developed. Linking the application store in your website would make sure that users are able to get to the right application store and not to any other fraudulent ones. Try optimizing the mobile application store in the local market, as it will be beneficial in generating more revenue. Users always feel appreciated when they get something in their native language.

Bing Mocks Google in April fool jokes

Bing seems to be cashing on April fool jokes big time. The search engine has prepared big time to come up with some cool ideas to mock Google. The mocking list continues with Wolfram Alpha. Bing has just taken some serious gags through its blog. The primary search blog of Bing host and mysterious blog posts which gives information on the basics of this search engine. This feature lets the users to experience the homepage of Bing without the cool design features and clickable options. The post notifies that the search engine is undergoing a test and users might experience an outdates page. This homepage also resembled Google with a messages clearly taking Google around the corner.

Bold Retaliation

It has been a long told story that Google has always mocked other search engines when it comes to quality of content. The company is at receiving end this time. The blog also posted a message which indicated that during the evolution of internet, the world was surrounded by plain and mediocre search engines like Google. Bing stated to its users that how the world of internet would look like if Bing wouldn’t have come into existence. The homepage of Bing also switched to Google homage mocking it big time. I am feeling lucky button was also mocked with a tag of I am confused button. When the user clicks on that tag, it redirects to the blog post of Bing. Similar pages with search queries viz white paper and watching the paint dry are also added on the blog post top mock Google.

The SEO gag by Bing

The other joke from Bing seems to targeted towards the community of SEO. The company stated that any crap website would improve its ranking on the Google search engine by writing some low quality codes. The joke also stated that the webmasters must take the control of primary SEO activities and also decide the ranking of the website. It also published a fake code to humor the audience. In the second code line, users can see the code which is written to illustrate how to rank your website above the competitor. Bing has stated that it does not intend to hide or lock down the private data of any website. After receiving positive feedbacks from a number of users, the company decided to mock the Google SEO techniques. It even took a hard hit at the ranking of websites on Google search results. Bing has also stated that Google does not provide the keywords. The keywords and referrals were only being shared with the Adwords advertisers. Google has not yet made any retaliation to the mocking done by Bing but we can soon expect some fireworks from the side of Google. Bing is seen as the biggest competitor of Google in the recent years though the market share of this search engine continues to be low as compared to Google. You can keep an eye on more mocks from Bing featuring Google.